Pride & Glory Tattoo 

152 Court Street

Watertown, NY 13601


Booking an Appointment
(Covid Guidelines)
For any questions you may have, or to book an appointment, please message us on our shop Facebook page or our Instagram, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Just keep in mind that we are a small, very busy shop so it may take a little bit for us to respond.
**Please note that it is difficult for us to give price quotes over the phone or on Facebook/ Instagram as we cannot tell detail or size. We’ll do our best to ballpark it for you so you can budget but any quoted price is subject to change. 
We also require a deposit for the appointment to ensure artists' time isn't wasted. The deposit is non refundable and comes off the cost of the tattoo when you come in at your appointment time to get the tattoo done. The ONLY WAY you lose your deposit is if you don’t come in for your appointment or let us know in a timely manner that you can’t make it. 
We DO NOT tattoo minors, with or without parental consent. It is illegal in NY state to tattoo minors even with parental consent. The NYS legal age is 18, and we do not allow anyone under that age in the shop, so please do not bring children in as you will be kindly asked to remove them. 
-Wear a mask that covers your MOUTH AND NOSE
-Come alone. We do not allow anyone but the person getting tattooed to come in the shop currently because we are trying to keep the chance of exposure to Covid down. 
-Please show up on time for your appointment. DO NOT be late OR come super early.