Pride & Glory Tattoo Co. opened it's doors June 1st, 2011 and quickly established itself as the premier tattoo studio in the Watertown/Ft. Drum area. We pride ourselves on providing a clean, comfortable atmosphere in which customers are able to get the best and most affordable tattoos in the local region. Everything we use is sterile and disposable. The shop was initially started and  co-owned by James Kroeger and Donnie Morley,with a collective tattooing experience of 30 years between them. James bought out Donnie's half of the business in 2014 and continues on in the Pride & Glory tradition of tattooing excellence. All of the artists in the crew are highly committed to offering clean, crisp tattoos that will stand the test of time, as well as quickly become your new favorite tattoo.
     The shop feels more like a clubhouse than a business, with a comfortable, downstairs waiting area and separate upstairs tattooing stations so come down and hang out, watch some movies, check the portfolios and the artwork on the walls, and enjoy the best tattoo experience of your life. We have 4 full time, award winning artists with over 40 years of experience and numerous awards between them. We specialize in custom artwork, but we can also handle the occasional flash design.
     We do most body piercing, aside from genitals and dermals, with sterile surgical steel body jewelry as well as sell a wide selection of various types of body jewelry. 
     Pride and Glory Tattoo also carries a large assortment of tattoo inpired and military/law enforcement clothing from companies such as Sullen, Fatal, Ink Addict, and Grunt Style brands so be sure to swing by and check out our inventory as we are constantly getting new product in. 
     We are a large supporter of Inkeeze tattoo products and we keep a large supply on hand to sell and use with our clientele, as your physical well being is one of our primary concerns. The better and safer you heal, the better our tattoos look in the end. We carry aftercare sprays, numbing sprays, numbing creams, and suntan lotions.